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Introducing: The New Mini Hydrogen Inhaler

  • Enjoy more hydrogen in less time...
  • Generate hydrogen water on-demand...
  • Unlock the full potential of molecular hydrogen with a single device...
  • Compact size is perfect for home, office or travel...
  • Easycleaning and low maintenance...
  • Last for years (6000 operating hours)
  • Higher flow rate - more hydrogen in less time (150ml vs 120ml)
  • Produces Brown's gas (hydrogen + oxygen)
  • Produces hydrogen water
  • Sleek modern design
  • Accessories
  • Carrying bag
  • 3 filters
  • 3 silicone cannula

Better than Non-Stick

  • Contains patented Dupont N117 Proton Membrane
  • Preserves hydrogen purity
  • Dissipates heat
  • Fights corrosion
  • Made in the USA
Research shows molecular hydrogen can:
Help loosen stiff joints
Support optimal concentration and focus
Maintain optimal skin health
Fight nagging fatigue
Reduce muscle soreness
Support regenerative sleep
Restore homeostasis
Slow the aging process
Support a healthy immune system

It Works. Here's What Customers Are Saying...

Susan Smith Jones, PhD.

"I use it every day."

“I use the 7% Inhaler or the MINI Portable everyday unless I’m traveling by air, and then I also supplement the Inhaler with the H2 Tablets daily, too, and I always take them with me any time I’m away from home or my office. I wouldn't be without my H2 MINI and 7% Inhalers that I use every day.”

Matt Blackburn

"I was skeptical..."

I was very skeptical about this technology until I used it at a health conferencefor an hour straight. Being under-slept and undernourished (I didn't know about the importance of carbohydrates then), breathing hydrogen gas brought me back to life. I felt clear as if I had a full night of sleep."

Clay Rosson

"I just started using the Vital Reaction inhaler a few days ago. The first thing I noticed was my vision immediately improved. It was profound. I have only been wearing glasses for reading for the last few years. Sometimes my eyesight will be blurred when watching TV. My eyesight was no longer blurry at distance, and much improved for readingthough I still use my glasses for reading. Sleep has improved because of an overall sense of well-being. Clarity of thought and alertness has also improved. "

Why inhale molecular hydrogen?

  • Supports brain and neuron health...
  • Boosts mitochondria energy levels...
  • Triggers the body’s own antioxidant system …
  • Destroys dangerous free radicals ...

This is why breathing pure molecular hydrogen can energize tired cells, erase fatigue, keep you sharp as a tack, and DESTROY many of the stressors behind accelerated aging.

Unlock the FULL potential of hydrogen, right now.

Product Specifications

110/220V, 50/60HZ
L:190 mm | H:20mm | W:120mm
1 hour | 2 hours | 3 hours
150 ml/ minute
Purified water and distilled water

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So to remove any risk and to give customers confidence about their buying decisions, we’re including a 365-day money-back guarantee so it’s easy to simply ‘try’ our mini hydrogen inhaler (which is unheard of).

Fresh Hydrogen Water
Enjoy pure hydrogen water any time day or night (1.6 ppm)
Compact Design
Lightweight, stylish design makes this device perfect for home, office, or travel.
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The mini hydrogen inhaler uses the latest in advanced PEM technology to produce fresh hydrogen for optimizing your health daily.

Inhaled hydrogen is one of the preferred methods for getting hydrogen deep into your organs and network of thick muscle fibers.

Inhaled hydrogen works by assisting tired mitochondria, filling the body with an endless source of ‘natural’ energy, and shortening recovery after a strenuous workout with almost little to no effort.

Our mini hydrogen inhaler is perfect for both men and women, in any age group.

And it’s for all these reasons that we recommend at least saying ‘maybe’ to our mini hydrogen inhaler.

Vital Reaction offers the safest hydrogen inhalation machines on the market. Studies have shown that any machines producing an H2 concentration greater than 10% pose a risk of serious explosion. Our devices regulate airflow to maintain safe concentrations of hydrogen gas, which is well under 10%.

Plus each inhaler has a sensor in the main water tank to ensure ONLY distilled water is used. This preserves the lifespan of the electrodes. Most competing inhalers lack this feature, causing their machines to break down over time. Most other machines also require the use of additives (such as electrolytes) or caustic chemicals (such as lye).

We recommend using your inhaler 1-2 times per day. Feel free to use it more or less frequently and find what feels best for your body. It’s impossible to overdose on molecular hydrogen. In studies dating back to the 1940s, even at levels much higher than anything our machines produce, no toxic effects have ever been reported.

People typically start to notice benefits in as little as 20 minutes of inhalation therapy. Some people do not actually feel anything during the actual inhalation session, which is okay. The body is still getting the benefits of molecular hydrogen therapy. Delayed benefits can include an overall sense of wellness, more energy or focus, supported vision, and quality sleep.

The biggest difference between the tablets and the inhaler is the dosage. The inhalers deliver a much higher dose of pure hydrogen gas. (60 minutes of inhaled hydrogen is the same as taking an entire bottle of our molecular hydrogen tablets.)

And since it is inhaled into the lungs, the hydrogen gas can diffuse into the bloodstream more quickly.

We primarily store hydrogen in our liver. So consuming hydrogen about 40-60 minutes after eating a carbohydrate-rich meal, will help it stay in the body for about 2 hours. On an empty stomach, that time is reduced to 30 minutes.

No problem. You have ONE FULL YEAR to decide if Vital Reaction’s Mini Hydrogen Inhaler is for you. So if at any time in the next 12 months, if you’re not completely satisfied with the results of breathing fresh hydrogen daily, we’ll happily refund your entire purchase.