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“This product always gives me an energy boost after downing 2 dissolved tablets. A bottle a month @ $60 is worth every penny.” – Xinia W.

Caffeine-like Energy Without the Crash

Our Molecular Hydrogen tablets give you an energy-boosting and hydrating drink — without the draining side effects of caffeine or sugar.

Enjoy natural energy, better sleep patterns, faster muscle recovery, and hangover relief.Non-GMO, dairy free, gluten free, and made in the USA.

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Natural Energy   •   Better Sleep   •   Hangover Relief

Perfect for anyone who...

• struggles with insomnia...
• suffers from chronic fatigue...
• experiences relenting brain fog…
• wants to feel less groggy in the morning...
• wants more endurance during the day...
• needs to jumpstart a sluggish metabolism...
• enjoys exercising but hates dealing with muscle soreness when trying a new workout…

Molecular Hydrogen works wonders for both men and women of all ages.

Most people notice benefits within 20 minutes or less (which include feeling happier and more upbeat, even without caffeine).

Vital Reaction Molecular Hydrogen
(60 Tablets)

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SAVE 10% on Your One-Time Purchase
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✓ Free Shipping in USA
✓ Pay in 4 Easy Installments
✓ 365-Day Money Back Guarantee

Free Shipping

Every bottle of our molecular hydrogen tablets comes with free shipping in the contiguous U.S.

Pure Molecular Hydrogen

You’ll never consume harmful chemicals because the reaction process is completely safe and natural.

365-day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with our molecular hydrogen tablets, simply contact us for a full refund.

Real People — Real Results

… Gives me an energy boost!

“This product always gives me an energy boost after downing 2 dissolved tablets. A bottle a month @ $60 is worth every penny.” - Xinia W.

Talk about a KICKSTART to my day...

“Wow, Vital Reaction molecular hydrogen tablets have changed my morning routine! Talk about a kick start to my day....hydrogen water gives me a nice lunch in the morning and seems to clear my brain and prep me for the day! Vital reaction is unlike some of the other hydrogen tablets, it dissolves quickly without the need for a closed container. Ordering was easy and shipping was fast! I will be ordering more to share with my friends and family! Thank you Vital Reaction for a great product!” - Anita M Gray

Energy levels similar to drinking coffee...

“Super easy to use, just plop the tablets into a little water and wait about a minute. Dissolved only 1 tablet to make the hydrogen water the first couple of times and had no adverse reaction whatsoever. Increased to 2 tablets at once in the mornings. Immediate observations are increased energy levels, quite similar to drinking coffee, but without the caffeine “buzz”. It is a lovely feeling. I feel that my quality of sleep is better – I feel more rested in the mornings, and brighter. Tried them one Saturday morning after drinking perhaps a bit too much wine the previous evening at a concert; no headache, no feeling of hangover. Vital Reaction, I’ll have to say you have an amazing product here. The website is thorough and very educational. I can tell you that I already can tell a difference in my pathetic little exercise sessions from the hydrogen. Though not a “cheap” health supplement, I think the price is more than worth it. I anticipate replacing 2 or 3 of the supplements I currently take with the hydrogen water, so it more than pays for itself in my book.” - Marie B.

“Gives you so much energy. Gets me through my work out.” - Sylvia

WOW!... I Was So Impressed

“I take many supplements and do extensive research to locate reputable, effective, affordable products. Vital Reaction was a game changer for me as I seek to upgrade my energy levels on a regular basis. I did not notice much improvement at first because I was taking the tablets with so many other supplements. Hence, it was difficult to determine who was the culprit in the energy boost department. Well, one day I had very limited time to take all my vitamins, etc. and decided to give the VR tabs a solo go. WoW! I was so impressed with how much better I felt I thought it was a coincidence. Tried it again the next day and had the same reaction, vitality! Wonder where they got the name eh? Well, this product is now an absolute must for dealing with a demanding day and I am so pleased there are no side effects like other energy supplements. Highly recommended for that 3PM pick me up or just to begin your day with a spring in your step. It is most noticeable with only 2 tabs. Make sure you drink it fast tho, the effervescence aids delivery and bioavailability.” - Domenique Coe

Hello Hydration

“I take one tablet in my water every morning along with some other trace minerals. It dissolves quickly and is tasteless, at least to my palette. The results are immediate and long-lasting. You can feel the hydration. My skin is plump and happy as well. I had a body scan done not too long ago and she checked my antioxidant levels and told me they were the highest she has ever seen in her practice. I owe it all to Vital Reaction! I have purchased many bolts and try to never run out.” - Bella Miller

“Will be ordering each month.”

“Me (mamma bear), kids and hubby all sleep so much better. My stressors at work seem to be easier to manage, too. Will be ordering one each month.” - Anna Collins

… Felt more focused!

“I love how easy this product is. You just drop the pill in the water and in a few seconds, your hydrogen is ready. I definitely felt more focused when taking it in the morning.” - Rodrigo

… Vital Reaction is the best!

“I’ve purchased my Molecular Hydrogen from 5 othe companies and Vital Reaction is the best. I have purchased directly from Vital Reaction since Amazon has not previously carried this product until now. Highly recommended.” - BB

I ALWAYS take them with me...

“I use the 7% Inhaler or the MINI Portable everyday unless I’m traveling by air, and then I also supplement the Inhaler with the H2 Tablets daily, too, and I always take them with me any time I’m away from home or my office. I wouldn't be without my H2 MINI and 7% Inhalers that I use every day.” - Susan Smith Jones, PhD.


What makes Vital Reaction’s Hydrogen Tablets different?

Vital Reaction Molecular Hydrogen Tablets give you a convenient way to produce fresh energy-rich hydrogen water any time of day.

They help the body lower oxidative damage by eliminating only the most damaging free radicals.

This is why hydrogen water can help the body slow the aging process, increase ‘natural’ energy, increase metabolism, and feel better than it has felt in years.

Vital Reaction Hydrogen Tablets are perfect for both men and women at any age.

And it’s for all these reasons that we recommend at least saying ‘maybe’ and trying a bottle of tablets for yourself.

Or claiming our best deal by ordering the 6-bottle option today.

How often should I drink hydrogen-infused water?

We recommend drinking hydrogen-infused water at least twice per day. Feel free to consume more hydrogen water and find what feels best for your body. It’s impossible to overdose on molecular hydrogen because even at high concentrations, no toxic effects have ever been reported.

You can also infuse Vital Reaction Hydrogen Tablets in any non-carbonated beverage, such as water, juice, lemonade, or your favorite sports drink. Each glass must be consumed within 10-15 minutes or before the gas evaporates.

How long does it take to feel the effects?

People typically start to notice benefits in as little as 20 minutes. Some people do not actually feel anything, which is okay. Even if you don’t feel anything, you will still receive the benefits of molecular hydrogen.

Others have relayed effects such as an overall sense of wellness, more energy, more focus, sharper vision, optimized sleep quality, and much more.

What if hydrogen tablets don’t work for me?

No problem!

You have ONE FULL YEAR to decide if hydrogen therapy or Vital Reaction's products are not for you. So at any time in the next 12 months, if you’re not completely satisfied with the results of daily use, then we’ll happily refund your entire purchase.

Vital Reaction Molecular Hydrogen
(60 Tablets)

Sold out

SAVE 10% on Your One-Time Purchase
→ Use H2FB10 at Checkout

✓ Free Shipping in USA
✓ Pay in 4 Easy Installments
✓ 365-Day Money Back Guarantee

Buy Risk Free with Our ONE-YEAR No-Hassle Money-Back Guarantee!

We want to make sure you’re 100% comfortable with your purchase...

So to remove any risk and to give you confidence about claiming your Hydrogen Water Bottle today, we’re giving you a 365-day money-back guarantee.

Also from Vital Reaction...

The World’s FIRST
Refillable Energy Drink

Portable Hydrogen Water Bottle

Vital Reaction’s hydrogen water bottle uses the latest in ‘water separation’ technology to produce energy-rich hydrogen water in 5 minutes or less —with the push of a single button.

Perfect for both men and women, especially for people looking to get back in shape or add more intensity to their workouts.

Molecular hydrogen can offer that extra energy boost to keep folks motivated…

And support faster recovery so anyone can enjoy the results they truly deserve without struggling with muscle soreness and fatigue.

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SAVE 10%→ Use H2FB10 at Checkout

✓ Free Shipping in USA
✓ Pay in 4 Easy Installments
✓ 365-Day Money Back Guarantee

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