“I was very skeptical about this technology until I used it at a health conference for an hour straight. Being under-slept and undernourished, breathing hydrogen gas brought me back to life. I felt clear as if I had a full night of sleep.– Matt Blackburn

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Clinical Molecular Hydrogen Inhaler

Molecular Hydrogen is a unique antioxidant that supports cognitive function and better sleep.

365-day money back guarantee
Free shipping in the contiguous USA
99.99% pure hydrogen, no additives needed
✅ Subject of over 1000 peer-reviewed studies

Your Price: $5,995.00

Pre-Order: $3,995.00

Your Price: $5,995.00

Pre-Order: $3,995.00

Molecular hydrogen has been featured in 1000+ scientific articles with 1,600 researchers. It’s widely accepted in globally-recognized medical journals.

Research Shows Molecular Hydrogen Can:

Improve Cognitive Function and Focus

Improve Sleeping Patterns

Boost Internal Antioxidant Levels

Support Healthy Weight Management

Increase Natural Energy Levels

Reduce Inflammation and Pain

Real People – Real Stories

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“I've used the Vital Reaction hydrogen inhaler for years, also on a daily basis. It's great for mental clarity.”

– Luke Storey

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I feel more rested in the mornings, and brighter. Vital Reaction, you have an amazing product here.”

– Marie B.

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Vital Reaction was a game changer for me. I was so impressed with how much better I felt. This product is now an absolute must for dealing with a demanding day and there are no side effects.”

– Domenique Coe

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“Me (mamma bear), kids and hubby all sleep so much better. My stressors at work seem to be easier to manage, too.”

– Anna Collins

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“I just started using the Vital Reaction inhaler a few days ago. The first thing I noticed was my vision immediately improved. It was profound. Sleep has improved because of an overall sense of well-being. Clarity of thought and alertness has also improved.”

– Clay Rosson

Molecular hydrogen helps anyone, at any age, enjoy optimal health because...

  • It works for the stay-at-home mom who needs a little pampering and an extra jolt of energy without drinking buckets of caffeine...

  • It works for those who enjoy exercising regularly but hate dealing with muscle soreness when trying a new workout…
  • It works for women who want a safe and natural way to feel young and vibrant...
  • It works for the retiree who wants to easily outdrive his golf buddies or dance the night away on a dream vacation...
  • It works for that creative person who enjoys keeping their mind as sharp as a tack...
  • It works for all age groups (especially those 40+)...

And it works wonders for both men AND women...

The Last Hydrogen Inhaler You'll Ever Need

Adjustable Flow Rate: 300 or 600 ml/min

Produces Hydrogen Gas and Hydrogen Water

Dual Output: Suitable for Two People

Silent Operation

Can Operate for 8 Hours Without Overheating

One-Year Warranty

2-Liter Water Tank

Easy-to-read LED Touch Screen

Water Quality Sensor

No Electrolytes Required

PEM Electrolysis Technology

Low Water Alert


What makes Vital Reaction’s Hydrogen Inhalation Machines different?

Vital Reaction's Hydrogen Inhalation Machines use the latest in medical technology to produce fresh hydrogen for optimal health daily.

Remember, inhaled hydrogen is the only method of consumption that helps health enthusiasts experience full saturation.

Inhaled hydrogen awakens sleeping mitochondria, fills the body with an endless source of ‘natural’ energy, and shortens recovery after a strenuous workout with almost little to no effort.

Our hydrogen inhalers are perfect for both men and women, in any age group.

And it’s for all these reasons that we recommend at least saying ‘maybe’ to our hydrogen inhalers.

Are the inhalation machines safe?

Vital Reaction offers the safest hydrogen inhalation machines on the market. Studies have shown that any machines producing an H2 concentration greater than 10% pose a risk of serious explosion. Our machines are the only devices on the market that regulate airflow to maintain safe concentrations of hydrogen gas, which is well under 10%.

Plus each inhaler has a sensor in the main water tank to ensure ONLY distilled water is used. This preserves the lifespan of the electrodes. Most competing inhalers lack this feature, causing their machines to break down over time. Most other machines also require the use of additives (such as electrolytes) or caustic chemicals (such as lye).

How often should I use my inhaler?

We recommend using your inhaler at least once per day. Feel free to use it more or less frequently and find what feels best for your body. It’s impossible to overdose on molecular hydrogen. In studies dating back to the 1940s, even at levels much higher than anything our machines produce, no toxic effects have ever been reported.

What is the benefit of using the inhaler versus the tablets?

The biggest difference between the tablets and the inhaler is the dosage. The inhalers deliver a much higher dose of pure hydrogen gas. (60 minutes of inhaled hydrogen is the same as taking an entire bottle of our molecular hydrogen tablets.)

And since it is inhaled into the lungs, the hydrogen gas can diffuse into the bloodstream more quickly.

How long does it take to feel the effects?

People typically start to notice benefits in as little as 20 minutes. Some people do not actually feel anything, which is okay. Even if you don’t feel anything, you will still receive the benefits of molecular hydrogen.

Others have relayed effects such as an overall sense of wellness, more energy, more focus, sharper vision, optimized sleep quality, and much more.

What if hydrogen tablets don’t work for me?

No problem!

You have ONE FULL YEAR to decide if hydrogen therapy or Vital Reaction's products are not for you. So at any time in the next 12 months, if you’re not completely satisfied with the results of daily use, then we’ll happily refund your entire purchase.

Vital Reaction was a game changer for me. I was so impressed with how much better I felt. This product is now an absolute must for dealing with a demanding day and there are no side effects.” – Domenique Coe

Clinical Molecular Hydrogen Inhaler

Over 1000+ clinical studies on molecular hydrogen have shown it can help...

  • Support optimal brain functionto help prevent those embarrassing "senior moments"…
  • Fight nagging joint pain so it's easier to enjoy hobbies, exercise, and fun activities with less stiffness and discomfort…
  • Skyrocket low energy and make the body feel energized even before that first sip of coffee...
  • Rejuvenate every cell in the body even for people over 40 and even for those who’ve been suffering with fatigue for years...
  • Help EVERYONE (male and female, young and old) feel their absolute best even without frequent exercise or the perfect diet...

365-day money back guarantee
Free shipping in the contiguous USA
99.99% pure hydrogen, no additives needed
✅ Subject of over 1000 peer-reviewed studies

Your Price: $5,995.00

Your Price: $5,995.00

No matter the size or value of your order, all shipping within the contiguous USA is 100% free.

Risk-free! If you're not satisfied within one year of purchase, we'll give you your money back.

​​Our tablets are made in the USA and are third-party tested for purity and safety.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Consult with your healthcare professional before starting any new supplement product.

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