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Hydrogen Tablets

Slow aging. Reduce oxidative stress. Rejuvenate tired cells. 12 ppm of molecular hydrogen. Sale Ends Dec 31.

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Mini Hydrogen Inhaler

Enjoy a potent dose of therapeutic level hydrogen gas. Perfect for home use. 2% concentration. 120 ml per minute flow rate.

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Portable Hydrogen Water Bottle

Refreshing anti-oxidant rich hydrogen water. (great for hydrating) - More energy without caffeine or sugar.

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HydroGlow - H2 Nano Misting Dermal Device

Give your skin a gentle antioxidant spa therapy. *Note: Hydrogen-rich water (not included) is required to use this device. Our water bottle can be used.

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Turn your morning coffee into a beauty elixir. Enjoy smoother looking skin. Encourage better hair growth. Boost gut health Optimize joint function. 10g of grass fed collagen peptides per serving.

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These yummy bear-shaped collagen gummies are the perfect way to top up on collagen daily. Transform dull hair into shiny full-volume hair, support optimal skin health, and support joints.

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Organic Make Mineral Blush Pack (Rose + Coral)

100% natural mineral blush lasts all day. No artificial color pigments or chemicals

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Organic Make Foundation

Organic Make Mineral Foundation is a talc-free, all-in-one face powder that feels light and last all day.

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Organic Make Starter Kit

Organic Make Starter kit - Includes mineral foundation and ultra-soft Kabuki brush.

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Grounding Sleep Mat

Great for keeping you connected to the Earth while you sleep. Extends length of bed. Won't move while sleeping. Works with two people.

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Personal Grounding Mat

Connect to the Earth, any time of day or night. (For best, touch your bare skin to the mat.) Helps the body naturally balance the cortisol sleep cycle.

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Turn your tap water into antioxidant-rich hydrogen water. Connects to any faucet. Easy installation (kit included).

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