“Can't believe the glow I get on my skin. Organic Make is so easy to apply and feels very soft on my skin” – Bekki


Organic Make Mineral Foundation is a loose, talc-free, all-in-one face powder that feels as light as a feather and gives your skin a fresh glow. It makes uneven, textured skin look satin smooth.

✔ Made with 100% Natural Ingredients. No Artificial Dyes or Perfumes
✔ 365-day money back guarantee
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Organic Make mineral foundation is especially good for sensitive, acne-prone skin that can't tolerate most other makeup.

Benefits of Using this Powder Wonder

  • Super soft and feels as light as a feather
  • Gives a smooth satin finish with no powdery residue
  • Makes uneven, textured skin look satin smooth
  • People won't even notice you're wearing foundation
  • Can use just one pot; no primer or finishing powder needed
  • Gives a beautiful dewy, light-reflecting finish that stays all day
  • Adapts naturally to your skin color, so you’ll never get that yellow gap line
  • Coverage can be light or heavy depending upon your application technique
  • Doubles as a concealer for eye circles and pimples — just dab a bit of powder on a wet sponge

And the best part is...

You don't even need a mirror! This mineral foundation so easy to apply with the softest Kabuki Brush — you'll be able to apply it with your eyes closed.

“I feel like I wear no makeup”– Caroline


This Starter Kit Includes:

1 Container of Mineral Powder Foundation (4g)

All you need is one pot to use Organic Make's mineral foundation — good for you and the planet.

1 Kabuki Brush

The Organic Make Kabuki Brush is made from synthetic taklon, which means no animal hair whatsoever.

Which Color Foundation Is Best for Me?

Organic Make foundation comes in 3 colors, to make it easy for you.


Our light color foundation is best for pale or quite fair skin — for the blue-eyed, blond hair types. Ideal during the winter months.

(Best Seller)

You can't go wrong with this color. Suits most skin tones, especially skin that's slightly tanned. (Caroline, seen in the video below, uses Medium.)


Suits skin with olive tones, warmer undertones, and red pigments. Also for skin that is suntanned or naturally dark. This is best color for summer.

Our mineral powder foundation adapts naturally to your own skin color.You’ll never get that yellow gap line, as you may get from traditional foundations.

How to Apply Our Mineral Powder Foundation

Organic Make mineral powder foundation goes on super easy with gorgeous results every time. You don't even need a mirror.

All you need to do is...

1. Tip a tiny amount of the mineral powder into the lid (or your hand)
2. Swirl the softest Kabuki Brush around in the powder
3. Buff and press the powder on your skin using circular movements

“Organic Make is very easy to apply and feels very soft on my skin.” Laurine

“I love how soft the kabuki brush feels on my skin” Julia

Imagine people saying: “How lucky you are, your don't have to wear makeup” ... while not realizing you have full face of foundation on😉

Real Women and Their Stories

Laurine M

I have a very sensitive skin and I have spent a lot of time searching for the right make-up products for my skin, but I was never really satisfied.

Organic Make is very easy to apply and feels very soft on my skin. I apply the foundation with the (also vegan!) kabuki brush, by making circles on my skin.

I really don't need to use a lot of foundation to cover my face which makes the product very sustainable. There is no need to powder my face halfway through the day, because the foundation gets into my skin very good and stays long.

Wearing Organic Make gives me a super natural and comfortable feeling. I feel myself! It fulfils the wishes of my skin: softness, pureness and freshness.

Pernille A
I honestly don't think I could live without OMmineral foundation. I have sensitive skin and hyperpigmentation, but just a small amount of the natural mineral powder makes my skin look and feel amazing the whole day with no dryness and absolutely no irritation!Besides I only need this product on my skin, no concealer or primer or anything else. Their organic foundation is my daily life-saver and I warmly recommend it to everybody.

I love your products due to natural ingredients. The blush is so natural looking on my skin-colour.

Anne Dorte

The best powder foundation I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried a lot. Thanks for great products.

“Can't believe the glow I get on my skin. Organic Make is so easy to apply and feels very soft on my skin” – Bekki

Watch Your Skin - GLOW!

Organic Make Mineral Foundation is a loose, talc-free, all-in-one face powder that feels as light as a feather (so your skin can breathe) and gives your a face a gorgeous eye-popping glow.

✔ Made with 100% Natural Ingredients
✔ Doubles as a concealer for eye circles and blemishes.
✔ 365-day money back guarantee
✔ Free Shipping

Your Price: $59.00

100% Natural Ingredients

Organic Make is pure in powder form and made from crushed pure minerals.

Our mineral powders have ABSOLUTELY NO TRACE of any harsh chemicals, oils, talc, fragrances, artificial coloring, synthetic alcohol, rice/corn powder, parabens, bismuth oxychloride, carmine, lanolin, silicone, phthalates, or other fillers or binders.

Why all this fuss? Because everyone deserves the purest, most natural makeup possible. After all, it’s your skin and what you put on it is important.

We love animals and do not test on animals. Our products do not contain carmine or lanolin, making them suitable for vegans. The Organic Make Kabuki Brush is made from synthetic taklon, which means no animal hair what so ever.

What is Mineral Makeup?

The Origin:Ever seen tribes like Aboriginals, Bush people from Africa, Native Americans and thought what do they use to beautifully paint bodies and faces for decoration, war paint or camouflage?

They use what's found in nature.

Raw 'earthy' materials like clay minerals are finely grained from natural rock and soil. All natural ingredients found in nature. Look to the Peruvian Andes you find the incredible Rainbow Mountains. The mountain is striped with colors ranging from turquoise to lavender to maroon and gold. Red colouration of sedimentary layers often indicates iron oxide rust as a trace mineral.

This is the idea behind pure Mineral Makeup. Why it’s skin friendly to most people.


The Secret Behind Our Formulation

First, our inorganic mineral pigments are milled for hours, to fuse with micro particle micas. Next, a combination of natural micro minerals including...

  • Raw Mica minerals...
  • Ph-neutral organic clays mined from deep within the outback...
  • Natural opacifiers...
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Zinc oxide...

These 100% natural ingredients are gently blended to provide you with the right amount coverage and color.

This is the secret behind pure mineral makeup..…the secret is the luxurious natural ingredients.

Beauty with Purpose

“I want my brand to stand for something that supports your skin and your health.”

– Charlotte Fnug, Organic Make Founder  

Working in the beauty industry for 28 years, I've seen first hand the dirty game big beauty companies play. How they shame and convince women that we need layers of heavy foundations to look beautiful and confident.

I created Organic Make to empower women of all ages and question the status quo. The first step is to start loving who you are — and that takes willpower and guts.

Consume better and less - I'll rather make one amazing product than 50 other filler products. I am able to focus on the vegan, organic, and natural aspects of my products. ONE foundation is enough.

Transparency and honesty - I want to help women overcome the 'beauty standards' that have been forced on by social media, influencers, models and the beauty industry. My Mineral Powder Makeup is made to be as light as a feather and help women who have sensitive skin, acne issues to complete a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy living - inspire to simpler beauty routines free of any nasties. My makeup is made from crushed minerals to provide your skin only what it needs without extra chemicals usually found in liquid heavy foundation. Whether you are vegan or simply living a healthy lifestyle my use of natural and organic ingredients is perfect for you.

#Rulebreakers -I look for women who set new standards. Women who have been through bullying because of skin issues, women who have overcome or are overcoming shaming, self depreciation or fight to accept who they are. My brand is built around the support from other women who have broken the norm and who go through the same difficult situation. So when other women hear your story they feel accepted and good about themselves.

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