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    According to the Alzheimer’s Association

    Memory Loss Is NOT A Natural Part of Aging!” 1

    After closely studying thousands of memory loss cases, researchers discovered…

    Cognitive decline is NOT from “Deterministic genes” (these are harmful genes that disrupt the body)…2

    And it’s not because the brain becomes old or “worn-out”...

    (Most elderly people have a normal functioning brain, despite occasionally forgetting someone’s name).3

    So if it’s NOT aging or faulty genes causing cognitive decline…

    What IS Slowing Down The Brain?

    The brain’s worst enemy is oxidative stress.

    It’s what destroys healthy, vibrant neurons and brain cells.

    It triggers unwanted brain fog, slow memory and premature aging.

    And while the body does have a protective shield to protect against oxidative stress and free radicals...

    This Brain “Shield” has a Weakness

    Poor diet, air pollution, chemicals, and many other environmental factors punch holes in it, like swiss cheese.

    And when this shield becomes full of holes...

    Free radicals can squeeze through and prance around like hooligans…

    Destroying everything in their path (also called oxidative stress).

    Unfortunately, when nerve cells are damaged from oxidative stress…

    THIS equals slower cognition, brain fog, and unwanted “senior moments.”4


    Fortunately, scientists now have a proven method...

    For rounding up looting free radicals BEFORE they can wreak havoc on innocent nerve cells...

    Ready to Stop Worrying About Brain Fog... Embarrassing “Senior Moments”... And Slow Cognition?

    Because right now -- after delays in the supply chain… And after selling out on numerous occasions...

    The Vital Reaction Molecular Hydrogen Tablets are back in stock.

    New Column

    People are shocked to discover these hydrogen tablets…

    • Produces therapeutic-grade molecular hydrogen in seconds

    • Kills only the most damaging free radicals

    • Lowers oxidative stress without handfuls of pills

    • Activates the body’s internal antioxidant system


    • [UPDATE!] FREE Shipping

    • [UPDATE!] 30% DISCOUNT

    These ‘nanobubble’ hydrogen tablets are so popular...

    Our first shipment of tablets flew out the door in 45 days.

    The second shipment lasted less than 30 days.

    And every time we get a new pallet; we’ve been selling out almost immediately...

    With many customers buying 3-6 bottles at a pop!

    That’s why each day, we monitor the flow of orders for our molecular hydrogen tablets like a hawk.

    A sudden uptick in sales can put us at risk of selling out.

    And we’d rather walk over broken glass - without shoes - than turn someone away in need.

    Especially wellness professionals, like Susan, who are busy optimizing their mind and body to better help the thousands of people they work with…

    New Column

    “I use the 7% Inhaler or the MINI Portable everyday unless I’m traveling by air, and then I also supplement the Inhaler with the H2 Tablets daily, too, and I always take them with me any time I’m away from home or my office. I wouldn't be without my H2 MINI and 7% Inhalers that I use every day.” - Susan Smith Jones, PhD.

    But Here’s What Surprised Us the Most...

    Getting a new shipment of hydrogen tablets from our manufacturer isn’t as easy as picking up the phone.


    Our molecular hydrogen tablets are produced in small batches to ensure each capsule contains the highest quality ingredients possible...

    And when you add in the time it takes to 3rd party test the entire batch.

    It’s easy to see how…

    It Can Take Months To Build Up A Safety Cushion Of Stock

    (Which has been a challenge with the current demand.)

    Fortunately, this page means we can guarantee any orders we receive…

    But only the orders we receive from this promotion.

    So if you missed out in the past, now’s your chance to avoid getting left out.

    Bottom line…

    Our Current Supply Won’t Last Long!

    Because when the right crowd catches wind of our new tablets… AND connect the dots between molecular hydrogen and optimal brain health…

    Then add on FREE shipping…

    There’s going to be a SURGE of fanatic buyers for our molecular hydrogen tablets.

    And whether we like it or not, as more studies on molecular hydrogen flood in…

    People are going to want easy access to the benefits this breakthrough medical gas has to offer...

    Molecular Hydrogen:
    The NEW Alternative For Optimal Brain Health

    Molecular hydrogen is a medical gas containing molecules so small…

    They can literally penetrate any cell in the body (including the impenetrable blood-brain barrier).

    This is what makes molecular hydrogen... The most effective antioxidant on the planet.

    See, unlike traditional antioxidants like Vitamin C (which do not cross the blood-brain barrier)…

    Molecular hydrogen is what’s known as a SELECTIVE antioxidant!5

    And what makes hydrogen so unique (and why new studies keep popping up) is how it crosses the blood-brain barrier and eliminates free radicals...

    Destroy The RIGHT Free Radicals and Pump The Brakes On Cognitive Decline!

    Molecular hydrogen destroy the WORST free radicals, which are Hydroxyl and Peroxynitrite (These cause massive damage to nerve cells even in small quantities)...6

    And this helps FLIP ON the body’s antioxidant system (NRF-2) which quiets oxidative stress like tossing water on a raging fire.78

    Consistently using molecular hydrogen has been shown to support optimal brain health by...

    • Helping lower the oxidative stress magnets called dopaminergic neurons by as much as 83%...9
    • Helping to protect the brain from cognitive decline...10
    • Helping the body maintain optimal nerve health...11
    • Lowering oxidative stress in the brain...12
    • Lowering anxiety and enhancing bad moods in as little as 4 weeks...13
    • Even preventing accidental hangovers and improving jet lag…1415

    But accessing the full potential of molecular hydrogen isn’t easy.

    It requires at least 8 ppm of dissolved hydrogen in a single glass of water.

    Unfortunately, not all tablets produce the right volume of hydrogen... in the right concentration.

    That’s why…

    When it Comes To Hydrogen Tablets, Choose Wisely

    Let’s be honest…

    Cheap hydrogen-producing tablets are abundant.

    But let me warn you...

    If you purchase a bottle of hydrogen tablets with the wrong formulation

    The end product IS NOT rejuvenating hydrogen water.

    It’s a glass of cloudy water which does nothing for the body.

    So the right formulation is critical for creating high-quality molecular hydrogen.

    Most important, the tablets need to dissolve within seconds every single time like clockwork…

    And they must be easy for anyone to use day or night.

    So What’s The Solution?

    Imagine no longer worrying about mental decline.

    Don’t be at the mercy of poor brain health from oxidative stress.

    Take action now to protect the brain against radical damage and oxidative stress.

    This is why we’re so excited to announce…

    The UPDATED & Improved Vital Reaction
    Molecular Hydrogen Tablets

    Vital Reaction® Molecular Hydrogen tablets produce 8-10 ppm of molecular hydrogen in a single glass of water.

    (That’s nearly 100 MILLION times more hydrogen than a regular glass of water.)

    They dissolve in almost any beverage without changing the taste. This includes water, sports drinks, coffee, tea, orange juice, or any non-carbonated liquid.

    They work by neutralizing harmful free radicals... Reducing oxidative stress... And triggering the body’s natural antioxidant system.16

    And people start noticing the benefits in as little as 20 minutes or less.

    Even better…

    Studies have shown molecular hydrogen can directly impact almost every part of the body, including...

    • Rejuvenating tired-looking and sun-damaged facial skin by supporting healthy collagen function...17
    • Balancing skin tone without harsh chemical peels…18
    • Improving the appearance of wrinkles by promoting type-I collagen synthesis...19
    • Increasing metabolism - So the body can burn more calories...20
    • Improving joint discomfort - So arms and legs flow more freely...21
    • Energizing the body even before that first sip of coffee by reinvigorating tired mitochondria...22
    • Rejuvenating every cell in the body - even for people over 40 - and even for those who’ve been struggling with brain fatigue for years…

    That’s not including the "peace of mind" of knowing the body is optimizing cognition, tired joints, low energy, and so much more without pills or medication.

    New Column

    Just think of all the places you can use these tablets:

    • At the office...
    • During a morning commute...
    • On vacation…
    • Traveling in an RV...
    • Watching TV...
    • And many more!

    ([UPDATE] 30% discount | Free Shipping)

    If this seems like a TON of value… You’re right.

    But it gets even better because our molecular hydrogen tablets now comes with…

    [UPDATE!] A Unique Combination of Features - “Peace of Mind” Being the Best One of All!

    With our Vital Reaction molecular hydrogen tablets, there’s never an issue of running out of hydrogen when it’s needed most because…

    Each bottle lasts for 30 days and comes with...

    FIVE Science-Backed Nutrients

    Here's why our hydrogen tablets are so unique...

    Two capsules will flood any glass of water with billions of hydrogen-rich ‘microbubbles’ in seconds. (Notice the entire glass filling with hydrogen gas)

    That’s why our molecular hydrogen tablets contain...

    • Elemental Magnesium - A specialized form of magnesium that starts the reaction process…
    • Malic Acid - An acid the body naturally produces that helps separate hydrogen molecules in water…
    • Tartaric Acid - An organic acid naturally in fruit that helps Malic acid do its job more efficiently…
    • Adipic Acid - An organic nutrient that helps control the release of molecular hydrogen from each tablet…
    • Sodium Stearyl Fumarate - To maximize molecular hydrogen by helping each tablet dissolve at just the right speed…

    There’s not an easier or more convenient way to enjoy fresh molecular hydrogen daily.

    And considering it helps the body fight its worst enemy - oxidative stress - without medication...

    People are excited to share their intimate experience with hydrogen.

    Raving Reviews From Vital Reaction Customers!

    “This product always gives me an energy boost after downing 2 dissolved tablets. A bottle a month @ $60 is worth every penny.” - Xinia W.

    “I received my package of molecular hydrogen tablets about a week ago - they arrived quickly.. The website is thorough and very educational, and I look forward to taking this product.” - Marie B.

    I was very skeptical about this technology until I used it at a health conference for an hour straight. Being under-slept and undernourished (I didn't know about the importance of carbohydrates then), breathing hydrogen gas brought me back to life. I felt clear as if I had a full night of sleep." - Matt Blackburn

    I've also used the Vital Reaction hydrogen inhaler for years, also on a daily basis. It's great for mental clarity." - Luke Storey

    The good news is…

    It’s NOT going to cost a king’s ransom to access an endless supply of therapeutic-grade molecular hydrogen...

    We’re Offering These Molecular Hydrogen Tablets on a 100% First-Come, First-Served Basis

    Until we run out of stock, we’d like to help as many people as possible...

    And lowering free radicals and oxidative stress with hydrogen will help the body feel its absolute best.

    This makes the Vital Reaction molecular hydrogen tablets an optimal solution for helping the body rejuvenate tired cells.

    That’s why we’re offering an introductory price

    FREE Shipping...

    And a 180-day money back guarantee with each order.

    We want to give everyone a reason to feel comfortable about their decision to start using hydrogen daily.

    Imagine how reducing oxidative stress is going to improve the body…

    • YES the brain will fire more efficiently.
    • YES embarrassing “senior moments” will happen less frequently.
    • YES it can rejuvenate tired cells (and flood the body with energy), day or night.

    In all fairness…

    Optimal Brain Health Should NOT Be “Out of Reach”

    Nobody should be denied the thrill of enjoying optimal health and brain performance.

    This is how people wake up and discover their joints feel like two rusty bolts scraping against each other ...

    Why they can’t remember someone’s name even when they can envision their face…

    And why they’ll always feel frustrated when they stumble across old pictures on Facebook. That youthful, energetic mind, body, and spirit is long gone.

    We hope and pray that no one reading this page will ever feel this way…

    Because Molecular hydrogen can help the body lower oxidative stress, so it feels young and vibrant again.

    So Here’s The Deal...

    As long as you can read this page, we guarantee you can receive up to 6 bottles with your order.

    The good news is that by deciding to try our hydrogen tablets today…

    The more you invest, the more you save.

    The fact is, many of our customers grab the biggest order possible…

    Not for the added savings.

    But once they flood their body with hydrogen water and experience the immediate caffeine-like energy boost...

    And the shift from feeling overwhelmed by aging to being in control of aging…

    It only makes sense they want to keep stocked up so they can feel great, day after day, year after year.

    So while our suggested retail price is $59.50 per bottle (only $.99 per capsule)…

    On this page only…

    We’re Offering A 30% Discount…

    Plus, we’re throwing in free shipping (continental US only)...

    And a 6-month money-back guarantee on all purchases.

    (One more thing, we understand how irritating it can be to order something online and automatically get charged every month. So you’ll never be charged by us unless you make another order.)

    But please be quick. If people snatch up this batch like the last one and we go on backorder.

    Who knows if we’ll have the same setbacks with getting ingredients through the supply chain on time.

    So place your order of Vital Reaction Hydrogen tablets by choosing your desired quantity below. Then we’ll take you to our secure order page to review your order.

    Offer Ends in:

    Limited Time Offer:
    30% Discount On The Vital Reaction:
    Molecular Hydrogen Tablets
    (While Supplies Last)

    Regular Price $59.50

    Discount Price: $41.65 /bottle


    You Save: $17.85

    Discount: 30%

    Last but not least, each order includes... FREE shipping!

    It’s what loyal customers deserve. And honestly, we want to do it.

    I know that’s a TON of value... but we strongly believe “great health” starts at home. And with this special offer, we can sigh a little relief... knowing people have everything they need to optimize their brain health for many years to come.

    To finalize your order, click the “Add to Cart” button below right now… And we’ll take care of the rest.

    Offer Ends in:

    Limited Time Offer:
    30% Discount On The Vital Reaction:
    Molecular Hydrogen Tablets
    (While Supplies Last)

    Regular Price $59.50

    Discount Price: $41.65 /bottle


    You Save: $17.85

    Discount: 30%

    Try It For Six FULL Months, Risk-FREE
    (180-day 100% Money Back Guarantee)

    We want to make sure each customer is 100% comfortable and happy with their purchase...

    So to remove any risk and to give customers confidence about their buying decisions, we’re including a 180-day money-back guarantee, so it’s easy to simply ‘try’ our molecular hydrogen tablets (which is unheard of).

    That way, if for any reason you’re not excited about the results, you can get back your entire purchase, no questions asked.

    The truth is we’ve seen (and experienced) the transformation that takes place from daily hydrogen use.

    So we’re confident people will love the results they’re about to experience.

    But we understand that you might be hesitant about trying something new.

    So for those feeling a tad uncertain right now, that’s perfectly normal.

    And it’s for this reason that we’re not asking for a full commitment.

    In fact, all we are asking for is a simple ‘maybe’ which lets anyone put our tablets through its paces from the comfort of their own home risk-free and see if it's the right fit.

    If you’re not happy, simply contact our customer support, and they’ll take care of you, no questions asked.

    So go ahead and click the “Add to Cart” button below while we can still guarantee stock in the warehouse.

    Offer Ends in:

    Limited Time Offer:
    30% Discount On The Vital Reaction:
    Molecular Hydrogen Tablets
    (While Supplies Last)

    Regular Price $59.50

    Discount Price: $41.65 /bottle


    You Save: $17.85

    Discount: 30%

    Grab A Bottle of Hydrogen Tablets Today!
    (and help your body, mind and soul stay young!)

    Try our portable molecular hydrogen tablets for yourself, and if you don’t notice less brain fog and faster cognition...

    If tired-looking skin isn’t softer and more youthful-looking...

    If cells, organs, limbs, and joints don’t feel more rejuvenated with each passing day…

    And if there's not a dramatic change in cognitive speed, mental focus, and your over wellbeing, we’ll make it right… guaranteed!

    So go ahead and pick the best option below.

    We look forward to hearing about the results.

    Free Shipping

    Every order comes with free shipping in the continental U.S.

    Pure Hydrogen

    Never consume dangerous chemicals because the entire hydrogen conversion process is natural, safe, and chemical-free.

    Happiness Guaranteed

    If you’re not 100% satisfied, simply contact us for a full refund.

    Offer Ends in:

    Limited Time Offer:
    30% Discount On The Vital Reaction:
    Molecular Hydrogen Tablets
    (While Supplies Last)

    Regular Price $59.50

    Discount Price: $41.65 /bottle


    You Save: $17.85

    Discount: 30%


    What makes Vital Reaction’s Hydrogen Tablets different?

    The Vital Reaction hydrogen tablets give you a convenient way to enjoy fresh energy-rich hydrogen water any time of day.

    Hydrogen water helps the body…

    • Lower oxidative damage by eliminating only the most damaging free radicals.
    • Slow the aging process.
    • Increase ‘natural’ energy.
    • Speed up the metabolism.

    And help people feel better than they’ve felt in years.

    Vital Reaction hydrogen tablets are perfect for both men and women at any age.

    And it’s for all these reasons that we recommend at least saying ‘maybe’ and trying a bottle of tablets for yourself.

    Or claiming our best deal by ordering the 6-bottle option today.

    How often should I drink hydrogen-infused water?

    We recommend dissolving one tablet in a glass of water at least twice per day. Feel free to consume more hydrogen water and find what feels best for your body. It’s impossible to overdose on molecular hydrogen. No toxic effects have ever been reported, even in high concentrations.

    How long does it take to feel the effects?

    People typically start to notice benefits in as little as 20 minutes. Some people do not actually feel anything, which is okay. Even if you don’t feel anything, you will still receive the benefits of molecular hydrogen. Others have relayed effects... Such as an overall increase in well-being, more energy or focus, sharper vision, optimized sleep quality, and much more.

    What if hydrogen tablets don’t work for me?

    No problem. You have ONE FULL YEAR to decide if Vital Reaction’s Hydrogen Tablets are not for you. So if you’re not completely satisfied over the next 12 months with the results of drinking fresh hydrogen daily. We’ll happily refund your entire purchase.

    Offer Ends in:

    Limited Time Offer:
    30% Discount On The Vital Reaction:
    Molecular Hydrogen Tablets
    (While Supplies Last)

    Regular Price $59.50

    Discount Price: $41.65 /bottle


    You Save: $17.85

    Discount: 30%

    New Column

    "These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Consult with your healthcare professional before starting any new supplement product."

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    Free Shipping

    Free shipping on select products within the USA

    Money Back Guarantee

    365-day money back guarantee on every product in store

    Safe for Use Guarantee

    All products are third-party tested for safety and purity

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Antonia Barrin

    Only been using it a week I will comment later

    Thanks Antonia for the review! Look forward to hearing about your results.

    Jenna Nicolette
    satisfied so far

    haven't been on long enough to really know yet but so far good!

    Hey Jenna, thanks for your feedback! Let us know if we can help or answer any questions.

    David W
    Great product!

    These are great quality hydrogen tablets. I've used them before and grabbed a couple bottles recently. I take two every single morning and sometimes after the gym. I believe their quality ranks up there with the best hydrogen tablets!

    Hey David, thanks for your feedback and being a loyal customer. Let us know if we can help or answer any questions.

    Carolyn Hoover

    Vital Reaction® Molecular Hydrogen Tablets

    Thanks Carolyn, we really appreciate your support!

    Mart L
    I loved.

    I loved and I'm going to continue taking it, I would only like to be the most affordable prices, it's expensive to buy a suplement every month .
    I will be aware of your promotions to continue buying it online.
    Thank you.

    Hey Mart, thanks for your support! We send out specials by email all the time so be on the look out for those.