Simple and Yet Effective!

"I would highly suggest to anyone who is looking for a relatively novel and simple way to support and improve their health on many potential fronts consider the Vital Reaction hydrogen formula.”

Dr. Eric Woods

Simple and Yet Effective!

The benefits are well-supported through research and this revitalizing effervescent tablet can quickly energize your body throughout the day.

Dr. Karen Vieira

Molecular Hydrogen: The Full-Body Antioxidant

Over 1000 studies have shown hydrogen can support better wellness by…

  • Helping tired-looking facial skin feel smoother and without harsh chemical peels…
  • Rejuvenating sun-damaged skin by supporting healthy collagen function...
  • Improving the appearance of wrinkles by promoting type-I collagen synthesis..
  • Supporting ‘youthful’ brain function - So embarrassing senior moments happen less often…
  • Lowering anxiety and enhancing bad moods in as little as 4 weeks...
  • Optimizing joint discomfort so arms and legs flow more freely...
  • Increasing metabolism - So the body wants to burn more calories...
  • Increasing energy by reinvigorating tired mitochondria...

Me (mamma bear), kids and hubby all sleep so much better. My stressors at work seem to be easier to manage, too. Will be ordering one each month.” - Anna Collins

Refreshingly Easy to Use

Vital Reaction® Molecular Hydrogen tablets are specially formulated to produce 10+ ppm of molecular hydrogen in a single glass of water. (That’s nearly 100 million times more hydrogen than a normal glass of water).

To activate your hydrogen, just drop a tablet into a glass of water, and it will instantly start reacting to produce billions of hydrogen-rich ‘nanobubbles.’ Drink within 10-15 minutes before the gas evaporates.


For the best experience, we recommend 1-2 tablets daily for optimal health.

For athletes: We recommend 2 tablets, twice daily for muscle recovery and endurance.

Health concerns: We recommend 2 tablets, twice daily to help the body with oxidative stress.

Maintenence: We recommend 1-2 tablets daily to help optimize mitochondrial energy.

"This product always gives me an energy boost after downing 2 dissolved tablets. A bottle a month @ $60 is worth every penny."- Xinia W.

“Super easy to use, just plop the tablets into a little water and wait about a minute...Immediate observations are increased energy levels, quite similar to drinking coffee, but without the caffeine 'buzz."– Marie B.

“I love how easy this product is. You just drop the pill in the water and in a few seconds, your hydrogen is ready. I definitely felt more focused when taking it in the morning.” – Rodrigo

Our Unique Formula Features 5 Natural Ingredients

Elemental Magnesium: A specialized form of magnesium that starts the reaction process

Malic Acid: An acid the body naturally produces that helps separate hydrogen molecules in water

Tartaric Acid: An organic acid naturally in fruit that helps Malic acid do its job more efficiently

Adipic Acid: An organic nutrient which helps control the release of molecular hydrogen from each tablet

Sodium Stearyl Fumarate: Maximizes the production of molecular hydrogen by helping each tablet dissolve at just the right speed

5 Reasons You Will Love Vital Reaction's Molecular Hydrogen

It’s safe for anyone no matter what the age (even fragile elderly people)

Vital Reaction’s Molecular Hydrogen Tablets are made of all natural, GMO-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free ingredients. They have zero unwanted side effects, so it’s easy to match the right dose for any body type. And they work wonders for men and women, young and old!.

You can feel the effects almost immediately.

Most people feel the effects within 20 minutes of drinking hydrogen water, which includes a caffeine-like boost of energy (without the jitters) while feeling happier and more upbeat. They’ll even help you wake up — without the morning grogginess!

Fight back against wrinkles and premature aging.

Hydrogen water has been shown to support slower aging by optimizing joint and skin health, lowering anxiety, and increasing slow metabolism.

Better mental focus.

Say goodbye to brain fog. Molecular hydrogen supports ‘youthful’ brain function and has been shown to support optimal mental clarity. It even helps you sleep better, so you can wake up earlier and feel more well-rested throughout the day.

Exercise with Less Fatigue and Muscle Soreness.

Molecular hydrogen pumps the brakes on oxidation during exercise, which helps increase stamina, fight fatigue, and support soft tissue injury healing time.

We Believe that AGE Is Just a Number.

So we’re against settling for limitations...

Especially when it comes to health, aging, and mental performance. That’s why we’re committed to helping YOU optimize your health and achieve your maximum potential.

So every decision we make here at Vital Reaction is to achieve ONE GOAL...

We want to give you the tools you need to feel like your body is operating at its full potential...

So you can love the person staring back at you in the mirror...

And to perform your absolute best at any age.

“My skin is plump and happy as well. I had a body scan done not too long ago and she checked my antioxidant levels and told me they were the highest she has ever seen in her practice.” – Bella Miller

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Vital Reaction’s Hydrogen Tablets different?

Vital Reaction’s Hydrogen Tablets give you a convenient way to produce fresh energy-rich hydrogen water any time of day.

They help the body lower oxidative stress by eliminating only the most damaging free radicals.

This is how hydrogen water can help the body slow the aging process, increase ‘natural’ energy and metabolism, and feel better than it’s felt in years.

Vital Reaction Hydrogen Tablets produce amazing benefits for both men and women of any age.
We highly recommend trying a bottle of tablets for yourself and seeing what molecular hydrogen can do for you.

How often should I drink hydrogen-infused water?

We recommend dissolving one tablet in a glass of water at least twice per day. Feel free to experiment with different levels of hydrogen water to find what feels best for your body.

It’s impossible to overdose on molecular hydrogen. Even at high concentrations, no toxic effects have ever been reported.

How long does it take to feel the effects?

People typically start to notice benefits in as little as 20 minutes. Some people don’t actually feel anything, which is perfectly fine. Even if you don’t feel anything, you will still receive the benefits of molecular hydrogen.

Users have reported effects such as an overall sense of wellness, more energy or focus, sharper vision, optimized sleep quality, and much more.

What if hydrogen tablets don’t work for me?

No problem. You have ONE FULL YEAR to decide if Vital Reaction’s Hydrogen Tablets are not for you. We’ll happily refund your entire purchase within the next 12 months if you’re not completely satisfied with the results of drinking fresh hydrogen daily.