HydroGlow - H2 Nano Misting Dermal Device

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How Does Our Dermal Therapy Device Work?

Who doesn’t want to fight against wrinkles? (Well, maybe a Shar Pei wouldn’t — that’s its best feature lol)

Harmful free radicals are toxic and highly reactive molecules that cause direct damage to our proteins. In fact, the skin aging process is driven by this protein damage. If free radicals aren’t balanced with enough antioxidants, they can wreak havoc on the body.

Fortunately, our bodies have natural antioxidant defense systems. However, as we age, this natural antioxidant production starts to decline, and we need to supplement more and more. Hydrogen is a unique and powerful antioxidant that targets only the worst free radicals.

Molecular hydrogen has been shown to:

  • Help slow wrinkle formation
  • Prevent UV damage to skin cells
  • Prevent photo-aging of skin cells
  • Improve skin hydration and softness
  • Help microcirculation and skin health
  • Improve wound healing times

Our H2 Dermal Therapy Device uses ultrasound to produce a nano mist that penetrates several layers into the skin. The device is calibrated to deliver targeted antioxidant therapy. Simply spray an area of your skin for just 60 seconds, and let hydrogen’s antioxidant power do the rest.Hydrogen nano mist is the future of skin therapy. It can help make your skin healthier and happier than ever before.*Note: Hydrogen-rich water (not included) is required to use this device. Vital Reaction can be used.Both our Dermal Therapy Device and H2 Tablets come with a 1-year money-back guarantee. So if you are unsatisfied within the next 365 days of purchase, we will give you a full refund.