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Just about everyone is familiar with the party trick of inhaling helium from a balloon. You take a deep puff then proceed to speak in a high, squeaky voice. General hilarity ensues.

Of course, you’ve probably never considered inhaling hydrogen, but it’s no joke. That’s because direct hydrogen inhalation or ingestion can boost your body’s levels of this common natural element, along with its uncommon antioxidant powers.

At Vital Reaction, we specialize in bringing this exciting new practice to American consumers. Our hydrogen gas inhalation machines enable you to take advantage of the remarkable potential benefits of inhaling hydrogen. By ingesting molecular hydrogen, you can help your cells combat oxidative stress.

The Worst Kind of Stress

Stress is an inevitable part of life. However, everyday stress is different than oxidative stress, which is distress experienced on the molecular level. This is due to a buildup of compounds called free radicals. These dangerous molecules can wreak havoc in the body by stripping electrons away from other molecules, including those that comprise your DNA, your body’s fundamental proteins, or any of the other molecules that make up a healthy body.

The human body has its own antioxidant defense system, and we obtain many other important antioxidant compounds from the healthful foods we eat, primarily fruits and vegetables. But sometimes the balance is off. Adding elemental hydrogen may give your body the edge it needs to restore balance and achieve optimal immune system function. As noted in the medical journal, Nature Medicine, “Hydrogen acts as a therapeutic antioxidant by selectively reducing cytotoxic oxygen radicals.” In essence, elemental hydrogen fights potential cell-killing toxins. 

H2 to the Rescue

Our hydrogen inhalation machine delivers H2, an extremely light gas consisting of two hydrogen atoms tightly bound to one another. We also offer molecular hydrogen tablets which can be added to water or sports drinks to convert them to health-enhancing beverages.

When you invest in a molecular hydrogen machine from Vital Reaction, you make a sound investment in your health. Our hydrogen inhalation machine comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty. Once you own your own hydrogen breathing machine, you’ll be able to start benefiting from the use of this potent molecular antioxidant whenever you like.

A Daily Investment in Personal Wellness

Use one of our molecular hydrogen inhalers for up to an hour per day to enjoy immediate access to the wonders of natural molecular hydrogen. These hydrogen inhalation machines produce regulated amounts of hydrogen gas, which saturates arterial blood, penetrates cell membranes and easily crosses the blood-brain barrier to provide benefits at the sub-cellular level.

To order your personal hydrogen inhaler, give us a call at 800-794-5355 or order directly through the following links: Clinical Molecular Hydrogen Inhaler and Mini Hydrogen InhalerThen get ready to feel better — from the inside out!