The Impact of Hydrogen
On Brain Health

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Before delving deeper, you may be asking yourself… why brain health?

The truth is, after hearing the transformational stories from our customers we knew brain health was a direction worth pursuing.

Navigating The Storm

As the CEO of Vital Reaction, I’ve seen up close and personal the way neurodegeneration can impact a loving family.

My grandmother battled Alzheimer's for a handful of years. It was heartbreaking watching her fade away into a world of her own.

Forgetting names...

Slipping into depression...

Turning into a shell of her former self...

This personal tragedy ignited a passion. With the help of molecular hydrogen, I'm on a mission to help others facing similar challenges.

That's why Vital Reaction is shining a light on brain health.

Her kidneys had completely shut down and her body was ravaged with life-threatening bacteria. (Looking back, she was days away from death’s door.)

Luckily, we found the right doctor at our local hospital and put her on dialysis immediately.

But as any kidney patient knows…

This is where the hard work starts with the endless poking and prodding.

My wife spent the next 5 years on dialysis. Every night she would connect to her machine for 9 straight hours. That’s if she could sleep.

While dialysis keeps you alive, it doesn’t come without a cost. Almost every night her legs would “catch on fire” and to find relief she would pace around. Which would last for hours. On numerous occasions, she would fall asleep standing up and crash into the floor.

This went on for years.

The silver lining is…She received a new organ in the spring of 2023. And her life has gone from despair to feeling like a normal person again.

So I understand kidney issues intimately.

And this is why I’m so passionate about helping those in need. Because I know how much of an impact feeling just a tiny bit better can make on your everyday life.

The Brain Health Potential

Enter Molecular Hydrogen (H2), an antioxidant superhero. Here's how it supports overworked kidneys…

Combat Neurodegeneration: Research has indicated can target cellular activity behind cognitive decline.

Soothe Oxidative Stress: Hydrogen is one of the few antioxidants capable of passing the blood-brain barrier. This is how it can assist irritated neural connections.

Optimize Cognitive Function: Improvements in learning and memory impairments, particularly those induced by harmful molecules like beta-amyloid tied to Alzheimer's disease, have been observed with the use of hydrogen-rich water.

And in a 2022 scientific review, Chinese researchers published the following about molecular hydrogen and kidney health…[2]

  • • Help combat renal scarring (fibrosis)

  • • Lower oxidative stress post-transplant

  • • Help fight against the formation of certain types of kidney stones

  • • Increase protection against drug-induced kidney disruption

  • • Lower oxidative stress (ROS) in dialysis patients

  • • And much, much more.

A Partner in Your Journey

To help you visualize the science of molecular hydrogen better, we've create a series of explainer videos.

The first video give you a brief explanation about hydrogen. The second video dives deeper into the science behind hydrogen and how it can help with chronic disruption.  

While these research findings are promising, it's crucial to remember that Molecular Hydrogen doesn't present a cure for brain disease.

However, it may be a powerful option you may have not considered before.

At Vital Reaction, we're committed to providing you with the necessary tools and resources to manage your health.

We believe in the transformative potential of Molecular Hydrogen and its capacity to make a significant difference in people's lives, including yours.

Ready for the next step?

Neurodegeneration can feel like a lifelong prison sentence. But with potential allies like molecular hydrogen, you'll be more equipped for the challenging journey ahead.

(Remember, molecular hydrogen isn't a magic bullet or cure-all.

Armed with the information you've learned so far, we hope we've sparked your curiosity about the fascinating world of molecular hydrogen.

And if you're ready to explore H2 more in-depth...

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