Bundle: Flavor assortment + Electrolyte water

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Electrolyte fluid:

A dedicated electrolyte solution made using sodium citrate, the same ingredient used in medical, as a healthy food additive, and pure water. Does not contain any preservatives. Helps the Kencos operate efficiently by ...

  • Keeping hydrogen concentration and H2 gas generation stable.
  • Reducing electrode degradation.
  • Minimizing discoloration of electrolysis

    One bottle last about 6 days when inhaling for 30 minutes daily (5 bottles used in a month).

    Flavor Assortment (3 screw in cartridges):  

    • Xylitol Menthol - The menthol cartridge contains Industry-leading xylitol content (35mg) and can also provide oral care support. It is refreshing and minty with a cool menthol taste.
    • Lemon - Contains vitamin A, B1, C and E, as well as Coenzyme Q10. A lemon flavor with a fruity citrus taste.
    • Catechin Green - Contains catechins and chlorophyll. This is a gentle green tea flavor that leaves you feeling refreshed. Perfect for when you need to feel refreshment before meeting someone important to you.