Hydrogen Tablets

Molecular hydrogen is a unique and powerful antioxidant. If you’re looking for the easiest way to take advantage of the many health benefits that H2 offers, high-quality supplements are available in tablet form from Vital Reaction.

Molecular hydrogen is generating an incredible buzz not only in the health community but around the world. In fact, Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare recently approved hydrogen-infused saline IVs for the medical treatment of a wide range of health issues.

Here in North America, Vital Reaction is your trusted source for the best molecular hydrogen tablets available. Tablets can easily be dissolved in your drinking water, transforming it into an uncommonly healthful beverage. Emerging research suggests molecular hydrogen can be surprisingly beneficial when our bodies are given direct access to this remarkable element in its natural, gaseous form.

What Is Molecular Hydrogen, and Why Are H2 Tablets Beneficial? 

There is literally nothing more fundamental — or abundant — in nature than elemental hydrogen. In fact, hydrogen is by far the most common element in the universe. Along with carbon, nitrogen and oxygen, it’s one of the top four elements that comprise the many complex molecules that make up our body and enable life itself. Most of the hydrogen on Earth, however, is bound to one element or another, such as oxygen (H2O anyone?).

Free hydrogen gas (technically called dihydrogen) — such as that obtained from our H2 tablets — is surprisingly rare here on Earth. It’s composed of two hydrogen atoms, tightly hugging one another. Research indicates that supplying the body with a supplemental source of gaseous hydrogen may help the body maintain healthy immune system function and support overall wellness.

Vital Reaction offers two ways to enjoy the benefits of molecular hydrogen. We sell the best hydrogen water tablets on the market, as well as inhalation machines. Investing in a supply of our molecular hydrogen water tablets is perhaps the simplest and most affordable way to take advantage of molecular hydrogen’s benefits.

Boost Your Health With Our Convenient H2 Tablets 

Our H2 tablets can be added to sports beverages or plain drinking water to support the body’s ability to achieve — and maintain — a healthful condition of balance. These molecular hydrogen water tablets boost the body’s natural antioxidizing capabilities, helping minimize oxidative stress and foster a state of healthful homeostasis.

The body enlists molecular hydrogen to help neutralize potentially harmful molecules known as free radicals. According to the widely endorsed Free Radical Theory of Aging, an imbalance in the body’s ability to neutralize free radicals is the root cause of many of the negative changes associated with aging, dysfunction, disease and death. As a corollary to this theory, it is believed that boosting the body’s antioxidant capacity should help minimize many of these harmful and unwanted changes that affect our cells. H2 is a potent antioxidant, capable of reducing the damage of free radicals. According to the Free Radical Theory of Aging, neutralizing free radicals should boost overall wellness, and help minimize, if not eliminate, a potential source of inflammation and disease.

Buy Molecular Hydrogen Tablets Today 

Order your supply of Vital Reaction molecular hydrogen tablets so you can make your own therapeutic hydrogen water. These handy tablets release millions of nanobubbles of molecular hydrogen, transforming any ordinary noncarbonated beverage into an elixir like no other. Order the best hydrogen tablets on the market today, or for more information, call 1-800-794-5355 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (MT) Monday through Friday.

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