Full Body Rejuvenation. One Molecule.

Zap fatigue and restore balance from the inside out.

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"I Highly Endorse Vital Reaction"

The benefits are well-supported through research and this revitalizing effervescent tablet can quickly energize your body throughout the day."

Dr. Karen Vieira

The Molecular Hydrogen Advantage:

Helps lower oxidative stress by destroying the most damaging free radicals.

Turn on the body's anti-aging switch (NRF-2).

Triggers the body's own antioxidant system.

Slow aging by protecting Telomeres

Boost the longevity life force element, NAD

Optimize energy and full-body performance by protecting DNA

Molecular Hydrogen Tablets

Vital Reaction® Molecular Hydrogen tablets are specially formulated to produce up to 12 ppm of molecular hydrogen in a single glass of water.

(That’s nearly 100 million times more hydrogen than a normal glass of water).

Hydrogen Water Bottle (Portable)

Vital Reaction’s hydrogen water bottle uses the latest in ‘PEM water separation’ technology to produce fresh hydrogen water in 5 minutes or less.

H2 Mini Inhaler

When you inhale molecular hydrogen it…

Crosses the blood brain barrier supporting brain and neuron health...

Enters the mitochondria skyrocketing energy levels…

Penetrates the core of a cell helping the body fight oxidative damage…

(Produces 2% concentrated odorless hydrogen gas. Flow rate: 20 mL per minute.)

It Works. Here's What Customers Are Saying...

More Focused...

“I love how easy this product is. You just drop the pill in the water and in a few seconds, your hydrogen is ready. I definitely felt more focused when taking it in the morning.” - Rodrigo

... similar to coffee without the caffeine buzz.

“Super easy to use, just plop the tablets into a little water and wait about a minute. Immediate observations are increased energy levels, quite similar to drinking coffee, but without the caffine ‘buzz’.” - Marie B

Changed My Morning Routine

“Wow, Vital Reaction hydrogen tablets have changed my morning routine! Talk about a kick start to my day. Hydrogen water gives me a nice launch in the morningand seems to clear my brain and prep me for the day! Vital Reaction is unlike some of other hydrogen tablets, it dissolves quickly and without the need for a closed container. Ordering was easy and shipping was fast! I will be ordering more to share with my friends and family!” - Anita M Gray

Raised Antioxidant levels

“Checked my antioxidant levels and told me they were the highest she has ever seen in her practice. I owe it all to Vital Reaction! I have purchased many bottles and try to never run out.” - Bella Miller

Keeps me going all day...

“I take one tablet of Vital Reaction in water every morning.
It keeps me going all day.” - Bodil Gajewski

Consider Vital Reaction

"I would highly suggest to anyone who is looking for a relatively novel and simple way to support mitochondrial function and optimize their health on many potential fronts consider the Vital Reaction molecular hydrogen formula.” - Dr. Eric Wood, ND