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... increased my energy!

"Love the hydrogen bottle! It increased my energy with the first bottle! I am a huge believer in the quality of your products!" - Gloria G.

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Upgrade Your Water, Change Your Life


Helps the body perform its best by removing unwanted gunk, better know as free radicals.


Get the hydration you need without drinking gallons of water. Penetrates deep into thirsty cells.


Enjoy a caffeine-like boost of energy and increased mental clarity—without the crash afterward

"... quite similar to drinking coffee, but without the caffeine ‘buzz’... I feel more rested in the mornings, and brighter.”– Marie B.

Upgrade Your Body One Sip At A Time

Turn ON your body and experience true cellular energy by helping your body reduce fatigue without caffeine stimulation.

Unlock your potential

Hello Hydrogen Water

Discover the life-changing benefits waiting for you...

Optimal Circulation

Lowers vascular stress

Fight Aging

Reduce the worst free radicals

Reduce Stress

Activates the body's antioxidant system

Antioxidant protection

Shield and protect organs

Boost Energy

Lowers fatigue inside your cells

Muscle Recovery

Helps reduce muscle soreness

Hydrogen Water in Minutes...

With the push of a single button, the built-in 750mAh rechargeable battery sends a jolt of current to the triple-stacked PEM energy plate, and within seconds, millions of microscopic ‘hydrogen’ bubbles rise like escaping balloons (1.8 ppm). This is why our water bottle can safely turn any type of water (bottled, tap or distilled) into pure, energy-rich hydrogen water.

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Why our customers keep coming back

Sirve F.

"Seems to really be helping my body initiate detox/ recycle its own glutathione without my having to take it as a supplement! I highly recommend."

Rachelle T.

This is a great product! All my friends are asking me where I got it! It’s easy to use, just fill up your Vital Reaction water bottle with purified water and press a button and voila!

Mike S.

This one really works. You won't get a big boost of energy but a nice sustained increase of energy that last a while. This one is worth the money.

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365-day money back guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with our hydrogen water bottle, simply contact us for a full refund.

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Every hydrogen water bottle comes with free shipping in the contiguous U.S.

Pure Molecular Hydrogen

You’ll never consume harmful chemicals because the hydrogen conversion process is safe and natural.

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Unlock your potential


The Vital Reaction hydrogen water bottle uses the latest in medical technology to produce fresh energy-rich hydrogen water to revitalize tired cells.

It works by helping the body protect and recharge the mitochondria inside your cells.

This is why simply drinking hydrogen water daily can help the body experience more ‘natural’ energy, more stamina, and faster recovery after strenuous activity.

Our hydrogen water bottle is perfect for both men and women, in any age group.

And it’s for all these reasons that we recommend at least saying ‘maybe’ to our hydrogen water bottle.

We recommend drinking hydrogen water at least once per day. Feel free to consume more and work out what feels best for your body. It’s impossible to overdose on molecular hydrogen. In studies dating back to the 1940s, even at levels much higher than anything our machines produce, no toxic effects have ever been reported.

People typically start to notice benefits in as little as 20 minutes of inhalation therapy. Some people do not actually feel anything, which is okay. Even if you don’t feel anything, you will still receive the benefits of hydrogen therapy. Others have relayed effects such as an overall sense of wellness, more energy or focus, sharper vision, optimized sleep quality, and much more.