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AquaAura Zen

Try our newest water bottle, the AquaAura Zen.
Up to 5 PPM of hydrogen water
Hydrogen inhalation mode.
And more.

$179 $143.20 each

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Hydrogen Water Bottle

Specially formulated to produce 10+ ppm of molecular hydrogen in a single glass of water. Great for reducing fatigue and boosting cognitive function.

$59.50 $47.60 per bottle

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Hi-Flow Clinical Hydrogen Inhaler

Offering an impressive 1800 m/ minute flow rate.

Hydrogen therapy session in 30 minutes.

Includes eye goggles, nasal cannula, and ear plugs.

$49950 $3996 each

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Kencos Pocket Inhaler

The world's first handheld hydrogen inhaler allowing you to enjoy hydrogen inhalation on the go. Made in Japan.

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Mini Hydrogen Inhaler

  • • 150 ml per minute flow rate
    Produces hydrogen and oxygen
    • Can produce hydrogen water
    • Lightweight. Portable

  • (Only 10 units available)

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