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Mini Hydrogen Inhaler Manual


1. Function & Feature
2. Product Information- Parts List and Warranty Periods
3. Usage
4. Test Tips
5. Filter Replacement
6. Water Draining
7. Drainage Method
8. Notice
9. Safety Precautions

Note: When the outdoor temperature is lower than 5°C, the equipment must beplaced at room temperature 24 hours before use!

Please read this user manual carefully before using and keep for future reference.The pictures are for reference. Please refer to the purchased product.

1. Function & Feature

  1. 99.996% hydrogen gas output for high purity hydrogen inhalation.
  2. Hydrogen flow is 120mI/m with stable output pressure
    (60ml/m with in-car power supply).
  3. TDS water quality testing function is built into the water tank
    to monitor water quality in the tank.
  4. Intelligent safety protections against tilting, overheating,
    high pressure, high current, etc.

2. Product Information

  1. Display Panel
  2. Rotating Handle
  3. Hydrogen Output Nozzle
  4. Heat Vent
  5. Water Volume Display
  6. Power Jack
  7. Water Tank Cap (under lid)
  8. Water Drain Outlet (with silicone plug)
  9. Product Sticker

Parts List and Warranty Periods

No. Name of Part Quantity Warranty Period Notes2


Main Unit

1 PC

1 Year


Power Cable

1 PC

1 Year



1 PC

1 Year


Nasal Cannula

1 PC




User Manual

1 PC



Water Filter

1 PC



Car Charging Cable

1 PC

1 Year


3. Usage

4. Testing Tips

1. Low Water
A flashing “Low Water” icon with a beep alert meansthe water level is too low. The machine will pause automatically,and it will restart after enough water is added.

2. Tilted Machine
When the machine is on a tilt of more than 15 degreedduring operation or standby, the “Slant" icon will flashand a long beep alert will sound. This will continue untilthe machine is laid flat.

3. High Pressure
When the nasal cannula is kinked or obstructed, airpressure in the cannula will increase. When the pressureis too high, the machine will stop working, the “OverPressure” icon will flash, and a beep alert will sound.Please check if the nasal cannula is kinked or obstructed,shake it dry, and then try again. Please replace thecannula with a new one, if necessary.

4. Water Quality
A built-in sensor in the water tank monitors waterquality. There are three grades of water quality:
Excellent (green light), Good (yellow light), Bad (redlight). When the water quality is bad, the machine
stops working, the red light will flash, the “TDS” iconwill flash, and a beep alert will sound. Please replacethe water in the tank. The machine will work againafter adding higher quality water.

5. Overheating
When the machine overheats during operation, it willstop working, the "Overheat" icon will flash, and a
beep alert will sound. Let the machine cool downbefore restarting it. You may also drain and replace
the water in the tank to speed up the coolingprocess.

6. Maintenance
During operation, if there is no hydrogen gas comingfrom the Hydrogen Output Nozzle, an “Er” will showon the display screen. Please drain and replace thewater in the tank, and then restart the machine. If theproblem persists, it may need repair. Please email usat support@vital-reaction.com.

7. Filter Replacement
When the machine has been used regularly foraround six months to a year, the "Filter" icon on the
display will flash. This means the Water Filter in thetank needs to be replaced. Please follow the Filter
Replacement steps on the next page.

5. Filter Replacement

After installing the new Water Filter, turn on the machine, then press and hold the "Timer”button until you hear a beep sound. The inhaler machine is now ready to use again.

6. Water Drainage

It is recommended to drain the water from the tank if any of the following occurs:

  • Transporting the machine
  • Not using the machine for a long time
  • Machine overheating
  • Water level is too high
  • The machine senses low-quality water
  • The “Er” icon shows or hydrogen gasisn’t coming out during operation

7. Drainage Method

  1. Turn off the power.
  2. Uncover the silicone plug from the bottom of the machine to drain the water.

8. Notice

  1. Please use distilled water in the machine. Water of other quality can damagethe machine.
  2. It is recommended to replace the nasal cannula every 2 months, or every month ifthe frequency of use is high.
  3. If you’re not going to be using the machine for a long time, drain the water from thetank and add 200mI of distilled water back in. This water keeps the hydrogen productionmodule moist and protects it from being damaged. Before using the machine again later,drain the 200ml of water and refill the tank with fresh distilled water.
  4. It is normal that your newly purchased machine has a bit of water in the tank.This protects the hydrogen production module from being damaged. Before usingthe machine, drain the existing water and refill the tank with fresh distilled water.

9. Safety Precautions

  1. Use the inhaler in a cool and ventilated environment.
  2. When the machine is in a location lower than 5°C, it must be placed at roomtemperature for 24 hours before use.
  3. Adults must be present when children are using the inhaler.
  4. If you feel any discomfort, please stop using the inhaler.
  5. Keep the power supply stable.
  6. The machine is to be used with a detachable power supply and must only besupplied at SELV.
  7. Do not use the machine at any altitude that exceeds 2000m.
  8. Keep the machine away from open flames and other heat sources.
  9. Avoid leaving the machine in direct sunlight for long periods of time.
  10. Do not try to disassemble the machine.


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