Speedy Workout Recoveries, Cindy Crawford, and more!


Stop letting muscle soreness and fatigue stop your progress in the gym.

It’s time to recover faster.  

Nail your next PR.

And hit your fitness goals (just in time for summer).


Stay tuned for this week's Vital Reaction roundup, and discover how to transform your recovery and elevate your well-being, regardless of your age or fitness level:


Shift Your Recovery Into Overdrive

So why is recovery so hard after 40?

When we exercise, our bodies are pumping large volumes of oxygen to keep up with our energy demands.

Problem is this produces free radicals.

As you may know, free radicals can damage cells and skyrocket oxidative stress, and lead to inflammation.

This inflammation is what makes it nearly impossible to touch your toes the day after a tough workout.

That's where molecular hydrogen steps in!

Molecular hydrogen works like a skilled clean-up crew that rapidly neutralizes the worst free radicals before they can cause significant damage. Resulting in faster recovery.

By keeping free radicals in check, molecular hydrogen gives oxidative stress and inflammation a stiff uppercut, meaning you'll enjoy quicker less muscle soreness and fatigue.

Who wouldn't want to feel refreshed and ready for their next workout?

With molecular hydrogen by your side, you'll be unstoppable!



Post-Workout Superfood Salad

Give your muscles another reason to recover faster than a Bruce Lee punch.  

Look no further than this month’s superfood salad!
Packed with protein, healthy fats, and yummy antioxidants, this colorful salad is the perfect post-workout meal built to give your hard-working muscle a little TLC.



Celebrate The Real You and Cherish Every Step Along Your Journey

Whether you're just getting back in the gym, dusting off your bike, or prepping for an upcoming marathon. Take the time to appreciate every step of your journey.

Inhale every experience. Take pride in standing out from the crowd.

Own the real you because you deserve to feel your best. Not today. Not tomorrow. Every single day.

You're amazing in so many different ways.