Replacement Cooling Chamber

Our durable replacement cooling chamber is for use with Vital Reaction inhalation machines — both our Clinical Machine and our H2 Mini. The role of the cooling chamber is to cool the hydrogen gas before you inhale it. Fill the chamber with any clean water to ensure you get the perfect temperature gas. All of our equipment is third-party tested for safety and efficiency, so you can enjoy pleasant therapy sessions in the comfort of their own home.
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Xinia W.
I've been using this product for various years. From my experience Vital Reaction was one of the top 3 protocols to overcome and further prevent cancer. This product always gives me an energy boost after downing 2 dissolved tablets. A bottle a month @ $60 is worth every penny.
Marie B.
I received my package of molecular hydrogen tablets about a week ago – they arrived quickly...The website is thorough and very educational, and I look forward to taking this product as part of my cancer prevention program (previous cancer patient) for the rest of my life!!
Quickly lowers inflammation. Better than Aspirin or ibuprofen without side effects.

Nature's Unique and Versatile Antioxidant

Molecular hydrogen (H2) is able to reach areas of the body other antioxidants can’t. It is highly-effective and rapidly works to promote wellness and achieve optimal balance in the body, without any adverse effects.

There are over 1000 peer-reviewed studies showing that molecular hydrogen has applications for over 170 different disease processes.

Naturally targets harmful free radicals

Molecular hydrogen is the only known selective antioxidant. It is a stable molecule that only reacts with the most harmful free radicals in your body, and leaves the beneficial free radicals alone.

Helps the body products it’s own Antioxidants

Hydrogen is the smallest element in the universe. It works at a genetic level by diffusing right into your cell’s nucleus. It then triggers your cells to start producing your own natural antioxidants.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, we provide a 30-day money-back guarantee on all non-inhalation products.

Third-Party Tested for Safety

All of our products have been third-party tested for purity and safety. We also have the safest hydrogen inhalers on the market.

Free Shipping on All H2 Tablets

Enjoy free shipping on any amount of molecular hydrogen tablet products within the USA.

The most powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, molecular hydrogen, offers these benefits:

  • Improve cognitive function
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Promote cellular health
  • Improve sleep patterns
  • Healthy weight management
  • Hydrate at the cellular level
  • Increase energy
  • Better skin health and tone
  • Decrease recovery time
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Inhaler

    Q. How much hydrogen do the Vital Reaction inhalers produce?
    A. Our inhalers use an electric charge to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygen is vented out, and then the hydrogen is mixed with ambient air to maintain a safe concentration of H2 gas.
    Q. What kind of water should I use for Vital Reaction inhalers?
    A. Distilled water must be used in the main container at the top. This is the water that gets split into hydrogen and oxygen during your therapy session.

    In the second, smaller container on the side of the unit, you can just use cool tap water. This cools the hydrogen gas before it enters the body.
    Q. What is the difference between your 7% Clinical inhalers and 2% H2 Mini inhalers?
    A. The difference between the Clinical inhalers and the Mini inhalers is the amount of hydrogen produced over time. The Clinical inhaler will produce a little more than twice as much hydrogen in the same amount of time as the H2 Mini.

    Recommended treatment time on the Clinical unit is 30-60 minutes; on the H2 Mini inhaler, 60 minutes or longer.

    The Clinical unit is about 12 inches by 10 inches and weighs about 12 pounds. The H2 Mini is small enough to fit in a car cup holder, and weighs about 4 pounds.
    Q. How often should I use my inhaler?
    A. We recommend using your inhaler at least once per day. Feel free to use it more or less frequently and find what feels best for your body. It’s impossible to overdose on molecular hydrogen. In studies dating back to the 1940s, even at levels much higher than anything our machines produce, no toxic effects have ever been reported.
    Q. What are the electrode plates made of?
    Our electrodes are platinum. It’s also important to know that our machines require pure distilled water to run. Our units actually have a sensor that will not allow the machines to run if any mineral content is present. This greatly preserves the life of the electrodes in our inhalers vs. competing machines.
    Q.How long does it take to feel the effects?
    A. People typically start to notice benefits in as little as 20 minutes of inhalation therapy. Some people do not actually feel anything, which is okay. Even if you don’t feel anything, you will still receive the benefits of hydrogen therapy. Others have relayed effects such as an overall sense of wellness, more energy or focus, sharper vision, improved sleep quality etc.
    Q. What is the benefit of using the inhaler versus the tablets?
    A. The biggest difference between the tablets and the inhaler is the dosage. Essentially, the inhalers deliver an exponentially higher doge of H2 gas. For reference, 60 minutes on the Clinical inhaler is roughly the equivalent of taking an entire bottle of our molecular hydrogen tablets.

    Additionally, since it is inhaled into the lungs, the hydrogen gas can diffuse into the bloodstream more quickly.
    Q. How long does the hydrogen stay in the blood after an inhaler session?
    A. We primarily store hydrogen in our liver. If you consume hydrogen about 40-60 minutes after eating a carbohydrate-rich meal, then it will stay in your system for about 2 hours. When taken on an empty stomach, that time is reduced to about 30 minutes.
    Q. What makes your inhalation units better than the competition’s?
    A. Vital Reaction sells the safest hydrogen inhalation machines on the market. Studies have shown that any machines producing an H2 concentration greater than 10% pose a risk of serious explosion. Our machines are the only devices on the market that regulate airflow to maintain safe concentrations of hydrogen gas, well under 10%. Click here to learn more about how safe Vital Reaction inhalation machines are.

    Our inhalation machines each have a sensor in the main water tank to ensure distilled water is used. This preserves the lifespan of the electrodes. Most competing inhalers lack this feature, causing their machines to break down over time. Most other machines also require the use of additives (such as electrolytes) or caustic chemicals (such as lye).

    Vital Reaction machines have a low cost of ownership — virtually maintenance free. All that’s required is fresh distilled water and nasal cannula (the breathing tubes). The Clinical unit comes with 8 free cannula and the H2 Mini comes with 4.

    What’s more, our inhalation machines are all made in Japan and are covered by a full 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Most competing inhalers are made in China.

    We use high-performance components with a state-of-the-art approach to manufacturing. Although rare, our in-house technicians are able to troubleshoot or repair any issues with any of our machines.

    Hydrogen therapy is growing rapidly in popularity. That means a lot of fly-by-night operations have popped up selling second-rate machines — and they can be quite dangerous. They often vanish leaving unfortunate customers stuck with an inferior product that often does not even work. Vital Reaction is an established company with years of experience and a lengthy track record of customer service and product excellence. Our machines are manufactured by Miz Technologies, one of the largest suppliers of electrolysis units in the world, and we are the sole distributors of Miz products in North America.

    What’s more, you can pick up the phone any time and talk to a real person at Vital Reaction. Our friendly and knowledgeable service staff are here to help! Our number is (720) 464-5733.
    Q.How do the Vital Reaction inhalers make hydrogen?
    A. Our inhalers create hydrogen through electrolysis. It uses electricity to essentially split water molecules (H2O) into hydrogen gas (H2) and oxygen gas (O2).
    Jeremy H.
    I have had psoriasis for over 50 years. This vital reaction tablets have stopped the itching and reduced the scaling. It has not cured me, but it has calmed the symptoms to a manageable level.
    Anita M. G.
    Wow Vital Reaction molecular hydrogen tablets have changed my morning routine! Vital reaction is unlike some of the other hydrogen tablets, it dissolves quickly without the need for a closed container. Ordering was easy and shipping was fast! I will be ordering more to share with my friends and family!
    The results are immediate and long lasting. You can feel the hydration and the reduction of inflammation. My skin is plump and happy as well. I had a body scan done not too long ago and she checked my antioxidants levels and told me they were the highest she has ever seen in her practice. I owe it all to Vital Reaction!